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Ask your questions about our Reseller Program

Please review our Reseller document prior to this meeting.

If you still have some questions about the program, or want to have a personal conversation with our sales team, feel free to schedule a meeting.

Please note that we don’t cover (technical) support for your app during this meeting.

(30 minutes)

AppMachine Professional services - app review

This is a Reseller only service, and is available as part of the on-boarding process.

In this session we will review your (first) app, and analyze the complete process. Were you able to complete the entire scope of the app? Perhaps there are alternatives to a specific solution you chose? We cover it all in 30 minutes.

(30 minutes)

Peça informações sobre nosso programa de revenda

Por favor verifique o nosso documento de Revenda antes desta reunião.

Se você ainda tem algumas dúvidas sobre o programa, ou quer ter uma conversa pessoal com nossa equipe de vendas, por favor marque uma reunião.

Por favor note que nós não oferecemos suporte (técnico) para seu aplicativo durante esta reunião.

(30 minutes)